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Permit to Raise Monarchs and Swallowtails

The Ontario Fish and Wildlife Act requires, among other things, that any person rearing more than one individual specimen of certain butterfly species -- the monarch butterfly and any species of swallowtail -- must hold a permit from issued by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry. The TEA has such a permit, and any TEA member can ask to be covered.

Quantity limits apply because it is difficult to avoid disease where large numbers are reared. The quantity allowed varies by species.

This permit also covers monarch tagging because the butterfly is technically held "captive" for the period when the tag is applied, and the Act applies to holding any wildlife in captivity.

Presently about 80 individuals and families are on the permit. People can be added to the permit at any time.

Information about activity under the permit must be supplied to the government at the end of the season. This includes the number of each species, whether ova or larvae were captured, the location of capture, the location of release of adults, etc. The location of release must be less than 50 km from the location of capture.

Contact Alan Macnaughton for more details.