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Butterfly Gardens of Saugeen Shores


In the fall of 2014, a community group, “Butterfly Gardens of Saugeen Shores” (BGOSS), spearheaded by naturalists’, Melitta Smole, Stew Nutt and Kerry Jarvis was formed in Southampton. BGOSS is determined to assist the Monarchs and other pollinators by planting milkweed and native plants throughout Saugeen Shores. “In our own little way, we believe that Saugeen Shores can make a difference in the lives of the Monarch butterflies by creating natural butterfly habitats”, says Jarvis.

The Butterfly Gardens of Saugeen Shores, with many volunteers, created a series of pods throughout Saugeen Shores. The largest pods are along the Lake Huron shoreline in the newly created Captain Spence Trail in Southampton. Other pods are located at: Saugeen First Nation, MacGregor Point Provincial Park, Perkins Park, and the Bruce Count Museum and Cultural Centre. All of these pods have been certified and registered as Monarch Way Stations.

Saugeen Rail Trail has partnered with BGOSS to create pods in Port Elgin (the neighbouring community of Southampton). In addition, birding boxes for chickadees, house wrens, great crested flycatchers, woodpeckers and screech owls will be placed in several of the pods to complement their natural look. Another exciting project is a partnership with the Southampton Art Centre and Southampton Rotary to create an outdoor “photo opp” Monarch mural which was installed at Perkins Park. BGOSS has also made a donation of Monarch and native planting resource materials (books, dvds) to our 4 lending libraries in Saugeen First Nation, Southampton, Port Elgin and MacGregor Point Park.

Visit BGOSS along the beautiful shores of Lake Huron by hiking, biking or walking the lovely trails (all trails are cinder path, with the exception of MacGregor Point Park). As well, all trails are free to visit. There is a car admission to MacGregor Point Park.

Visit us online: http://butterflygardensofss.ca




Butterfly Gardens of Saugeen Shores presents $2000 of resource materials
to 4 lending libraries in Saugeen Shores.


Butterfly Gardens of Saugeen Shores volunteers watering
in Perkins Park pod June 2015.


Tagging Monarchs at “pod” along Captain Spence Path, fall 2015.


Monarch mural that will be installed at Perkins Park pod. Winter 2016.