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2024 Butterfly counts / Odonate counts

Butterfly and odonate counts -- whose aim is to produce a list of species observed and the number observed for each -- are a great opportunity to improve your identification skills. If you don't feel your level of expertise is high enough, you can always check with the count organizer. Often you can go along with a more experienced person. I hope you'll join at least one in your neighbourhood.

The Toronto East butterfly count (usually held on July 1) is a TEA activity. All other counts are by other people or organizations, and we publicize them as a service to our members.

On some of the counts refreshments or camping facilities may be provided. Don't hesitate to contact the organizers if you have any questions. They would appreciate you letting them know as soon as possible if you will be participating, so they can plan more efficiently.

Dates are subject to change! Please check with the count organizer in advance. Also, at some counts people meet first thing in the morning, and then disperse; at others, people meet at noon; at still others, people meet at dinner. And there are counts for which the count area is divided up ahead of time among different individuals, and they may not meet at all on that day.

Everyone is welcome, whatever your skill level. Note that many of the butterflycounts are done for the North American Butterfly Association (NABA) and that there may be a nominal charge for participating.

Please be prepared for the count activity with sunscreen, water, hat, food, and other items suggested by the count organizer. A butterfly net is also helpful, if you have. And if you have any small clear plastic containers to butterflies in to show other people what you have caught, they would be helpful too.

Last updated June 20, 2024

Format of the lists: Date (Rain date, if any), Location, Contact, Telephone, Email

2024 Butterfly counts

  • Mon. June 10. Atikokan (far western Ontario, near Manitoba border). Dave Elder, mdwings@shaw.ca
  • Sat. June 22 (23), Rice Lake Plains (south of Peterborough), Ewa Bednarczuk, (905) 359-0956, ewa.bednarczuk@natureconservancy.ca
  • Sat. June 22 (23), Muskoka Bala, Al Sinclair, (705) 645-2848, sinclair@muskoka.com
  • Friday, June 28 (29 -- for rain or wind) Lake Doré (near Eganville, ON): 9 am - 4 pm. Please contact in advance Jean Brereton, (613) 401-1837, jbrereton@xplornet.ca
  • Sat. June 29 (30), Otter Valley (Port Burwell, on Lake Erie), Kathryn Boothby, (905)330-0943, kathryn.boothby77@gmail.com
  • Mon. July 1, Toronto East (see the TEA's field trips page for more information), Carolyn King, (905) 720-2784, cking8000@gmail.com
  • Wed. July 3, Presqu'ile Prov. Park, Kristen Osborne, (613) 475-4324 x225, Kristen.Osborne@ontario.ca
  • Thur. July 4 (rescheduled from Sun. June 30), Oshawa, James Kamstra, (905) 985-4497, james.kamstra@aecom.comThurs. July 4, Algonquin Park, Hwy. 60 (meet at the Algonquin Park Visitor Centre at km 43 of Hwy 60), Colin Jones, 705-927-0336, colin.jones@ontario.ca
  • Thur. July 4 (5), Mississauga, Emily McNaughton (Please contact before June 25), (647) 201-3880, emily.mcnaughton@mississauga.ca
  • Sat. July 6, Long Point, Adam Timpf, cell (519) 429-4147, adam.timpf@gmail.com
  • Sat. July 6, Windsor, Tom Preney, (519) 966-5852, ojibway@citywindsor.ca
  • Sat. July 6 (7), Manion Corners (near Ottawa), Jeff Skevington, (613) 327-2862, jhskevington@gmail.com
  • Sun. July 7, Sunderland (north of Oshawa), James Kamstra, (905) 985-4497, james.kamstra@aecom.com
  • Sun. July 7, Skunk’s Misery (southwest of London, meet at 8:30am at Newbury Hospital parking lot and count round-up dinner at Prieksaitis family house at 5:00pm at 11110 Furnival Road, Rodney), Ontario, George Prieksaitis (647) 401-2038 (cell) (905) 469-9946 (home), george.w.prieksaitis@ca.ey.com
  • Sun. July 7 (20), MacGregor Point Prov. Park (near Port Elgin), Layna Lubimiv, (519) 389-9056, Layna.Lubimiv@ontario.ca
  • Tues. & Wed. July 9 & 10 (15), Royal Botanical Gardens (Burlington), Lindsay Barr (905) 527-1158 x257 (or 1-800-694-4769, same ext.), lbarr@rbg.ca
  • Sat, July 13, Upper Credit River Watershed (Caledon), Laura Timms (Credit Valley Conservation), Cell: 437-223-1098; laura.timms@cvc.ca
  • Sat. July 13, Haliburton Highlands, Ed Poropat, (705) 457-3018, ed.barb@sympatico.ca
  • Sat. July 13, Toronto Centre, John Carley, (416) 930-6987, johnrcarley@gmail.com
  • Sat. July 13, Awenda Provincial Park (near Penetanguishene), Tim Tully, (705) 549-2231 ext. 225, tim.tully@ontario.ca
  • Saturday, July 13, Killarney Provincial Park & the Town of Killarney, Kathleen Houlahan Chayer, 705-287-2900,  killarneydiscovery@ontario.ca
  • Sat. July 13 (14), Carden Alvar (east of Orillia) Butterfly Count, Bob Bowles, rbowles@rogers.com
  • Sun. July 14 (13 - based on weather forecast), Severn (west of Orillia), Matt Thomson, (705) 812-3482, matt.jthomson@gmail.com.
  • Sun. July 14, Rondeau Prov. Park, Laura Penner, (519) 674-1772, Laura.Penner@ontario.ca
  • Sun. July 14, Cambridge: rare Charitable Research Reserve, 9 am to 4 pm at Ancient Woods at 1201 Whistle Bare Rd, Cambridge. This event is in combination with a bioblitz the same day. Event leaders wanted.
  • Sat. July 20 (21), Petroglyphs Prov. Park, Martin Parker, (705) 745-4750, mparker19@cogeco.ca
  • Mon. July 22 (23), Fenelon Falls (north of Lindsay), Martin Parker, (705) 745-4750, mparker19@cogeco.ca
  • Tuesday, July 23 (24 --for rain or wind). Hog Island (near Pembroke, ON). 9 am - 4 pm. Please contact in advance Jean Brereton, (613) 401-1837, jbrereton@xplornet.ca
  • Sat. July 27, Pelee Island Butterfly Count, Bob Bowles, rbowles@rogers.com
  • Sun. July 28, Clear Creek (meet 8:30 am at 11110 Furnival Road in Rodney, Ontario and count round-up to be held at 5:00pm at same location), George Prieksaitis (647) 401-2038 (cell) (905) 469-9946 (home), george.w.prieksaitis@ca.ey.com


2024 Odonate counts

  • June - August (odonate survey, multiple dates), Murphys Point Provincial Park (north of Kingston, near Perth), Bev Edwards, 613-284-1637, bave@sympatico.ca
  • Tues. June 25 (new date), Carden Alvar (east of Orillia) Odonate Count, Bob Bowles, rbowles@rogers.com
  • Wed. July 3, Algonquin Odonate, Peter Mills, peter.b.mills@hotmail.com
  • Sat. July 6, Haliburton Highlands Odonate Count, Ed Poropat, (705) 457-3018, ed.barb@sympatico.ca
  • Sat. July 6(7), Hamilton Odonate Count, 9 am meet at the church at SW corner of Concession 8 and Kirkwall Road, Brenda Van Ryswyk, brendavanryswyk@gmail.com
  • Sat. July 27 (28), Lake Dore (near Pembroke) Odonate, Christian Renault, 613-717-3142, Meet at 9:00 am at the Melissa Bishop Park. (45°38'13.12"N, 77° 04'53.44"W), crenault5@gmail.com
  • Sun. July 28, Pelee Island Odonate Count, Bob Bowles, rbowles@rogers.com

News to come about the Algonquin Odonate Count. There will be no Odonate Counts this year for Royal Botanical Gardens or Upper Credit River Watershed.


2024 "Caterpillars count!"

Caterpillars Count! is a citizen science project for measuring the seasonal variation and abundance of foliage arthropods like caterpillars, beetles, and spiders. Participants collect data by conducting surveys on trees and recording all of the arthropods observed. Here is a map of sites in Ontario (see bottom of the web page), most of which are in the GTA. Ecospark is the organizer of the GTA sites -- see the project's iNaturalist page. Here is one of these sites -- we always welcome new members:

- Middle Mill (nearest address 44 Beechwood Drive, East York, Toronto: a project of Toronto Nature Stewards), Wednesday mornings - 9:00 - 11:00 or Thursday evenings - 5:30 - 7:30 until end of September. Donna Rice, donnarice456@gmail.com or 647-469-2711/

2024 High Park Caterpillar Survey

The High Park Caterpillar Survey is a multi-year volunteer initiative documenting the diversity and abundance of moth and butterfly caterpillars in Toronto's High Park. During peak season, a dozen or more species are seen in a single outing. New survey volunteers welcome - no experience necessary. All equipment is provided.

2024 Science North Weekly Workshops

Science North will be running a series of workshops throughout July and August that will have every insect enthusiast planning a trip to Sudbury Ontario. Come learn about moths by helping the Bluecoats (staff) identify these nocturnal pollinators, or practice netting and identifying butterflies in the Northern Garden. And if you love bumble bees, join the Bluecoats in collecting citizen science data for Bumble Bee Watch. Scheduling of the workshops vary throughout the summer, so if you are interested in learning more about the programming times and location, please reach out to meghan.mitchell@sciencenorth.ca. Please note that admission to Science North is mandatory to participate in these workshops.