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Taxonomic index

Family Hesperiidae -Skippers
butterfly imageSubfamily Pyrginae - Pyrgine Skippers

Epargyreus clarus -Silver-spotted Skipper
Urbanus proteus -Long-tailed Skipper
Achalarus lyciades -Hoary Edge
Thorybes bathyllus -Southern Cloudywing
Thorybes pylades -Northern Cloudywing
Staphylus hayhurstii -Hayhurst's Scallopwing

Genus Erynnis - Duskywings
Erynnis icelus -Dreamy Duskywing
Erynnis brizo -Sleepy Duskywing
Erynnis juvenalis -Juvenal's Duskywing
Erynnis propertius -Propertius Duskywing
Erynnis horatius -Horace's Duskywing
Erynnis martialis -Mottled Duskywing
Erynnis pacuvius -Pacuvius Duskywing
Erynnis zarucco -Zarucco Duskywing
Erynnis funeralis -Funereal Duskywing
Erynnis lucilius -Columbine Duskywing
Erynnis baptisiae -Wild Indigo Duskywing
Erynnis afranius -Afranius Duskywing
Erynnis persius -Persius Duskywing

Pyrgus centaureae -Grizzled Skipper
Pyrgus ruralis -Two-banded Checkered Skipper
Pyrgus scriptura -Small Checkered Skipper
Pyrgus communis -Common Checkered Skipper
Pholisora catullus -Common Sootywing

butterfly imageSubfamily Heteropterinae - Intermediate Skippers Carterocephalus palaemon -Arctic Skipper
butterfly imageSubfamily Hesperiinae -Branded Skippers

Lerema accius -Clouded Skipper
Ancyloxypha numitor -Least Skipper
Oarisma poweshiek -Poweshiek Skipperling
Oarisma garita -Garita Skipperling
Thymelicus lineola -European Skipper
Hylephila phyleus -Fiery Skipper

Genus Hesperia - Branded Skippers
Hesperia uncas -Uncas Skipper
Hesperia juba -Juba Skipper
Hesperia comma -Common Branded Skipper
Hesperia colorado -Western Branded Skipper
Hesperia assiniboia -Plains Skipper
Hesperia ottoe -Ottoe Skipper
Hesperia leonardus -Leonard's Skipper
Hesperia pahaska -Pahaska Skipper
Hesperia dacotae -Dakota Skipper
Hesperia sassacus -Indian Skipper
Hesperia nevada -Nevada Skipper

Polites peckius -Peck's Skipper
Polites sabuleti -Sandhill Skipper
Polites draco -Draco Skipper
Polites themistocles -Tawny-edged Skipper
Polites origenes -Crossline Skipper
Polites mystic -Long Dash Skipper
Polites rhesus -Rhesus Skipper
Polites sonora -Sonoran Skipper
Polites vibex -Whirlabout
Wallengrenia egeremet -Northern Broken-Dash
Pompeius verna -Little Glassywing
Atalopedes campestris -Sachem
Anatrytone logan -Delaware Skipper
Ochlodes sylvanoides -Woodland Skipper
Poanes massasoit -Mulberry Wing
Poanes hobomok -Hobomok Skipper
Poanes zabulon -Zabulon Skipper
Poanes viator -Broad-winged Skipper
Euphyes dion -Dion Skipper
Euphyes dukesi -Dukes' Skipper
Euphyes conspicua -Black Dash
Euphyes bimacula -Two-spotted Skipper
Euphyes vestris -Dun Skipper
Atrytonopsis hianna -Dusted Skipper
Amblyscirtes simius -Simius Roadside Skipper
Amblyscirtes oslari -Oslar's Roadside Skipper
Amblyscirtes hegon -Pepper and Salt Skipper
Amblyscirtes vialis -Common Roadside Skipper
Calpodes ethlius -Brazilian Skipper
Panoquina ocola -Ocola Skipper

Family Papilionidae -Parnassians and Swallowtails
butterfly imageSubfamily Parnassiinae - Parnassians

Parnassius eversmanni -Eversmann's Parnassian
Parnassius clodius -Clodius Parnassian
Parnassius phoebus -Phoebus Parnassian
Parnassius smintheus -Rocky Mountain Parnassian

butterfly imageSubfamily Papilioninae -Swallowtails

Battus philenor -Pipevine Swallowtail
Eurytides marcellus -Zebra Swallowtail
Papilio polyxenes -Black Swallowtail
Papilio brevicauda -Short-tailed Swallowtail
Papilio machaon -Old World Swallowtail
Papilio zelicaon -Anise Swallowtail
Papilio indra -Indra Swallowtail
Papilio cresphontes -Giant Swallowtail
Papilio glaucus -Eastern Tiger Swallowtail
Papilio canadensis -Canadian Tiger Swallowtail
Papilio rutulus -Western Tiger Swallowtail
Papilio multicaudatus -Two-tailed Swallowtail
Papilio eurymedon -Pale Swallowtail
Papilio troilus -Spicebush Swallowtail

Family Pieridae -Whites and Sulphurs
butterfly imageSubfamily Pierinae -Whites, Marbles, and Orangetips

Neophasia menapia -Pine White
Pontia beckerii -Becker's White
Pontia sisymbrii -Spring White
Pontia protodice -Checkered White
Pontia occidentalis -Western White
Pieris angelika -Arctic White
Pieris marginalis -Margined White
Pieris oleracea -Mustard White
Pieris virginiensis -West Virginia White
Pieris rapae -Cabbage White
Ascia monuste -Great Southern White
Euchloe ausonides -Large Marble
Euchloe naina -Green Marble
Euchloe creusa -Northern Marble
Euchloe lotta -Desert Marble
Euchloe olympia -Olympia Marble
Anthocharis sara -Pacific Orangetip
Anthocharis stella -Stella Orangetip

butterfly imageSubfamily Coliadinae -Sulphurs

Colias philodice -Clouded Sulphur
Colias eurytheme -Orange Sulphur
Colias occidentalis -Western Sulphur
Colias alexandra -Queen Alexandra's Sulphur
Colias christina -Christina Sulphur
Colias meadii -Mead's Sulphur
Colias johanseni -Johansen's Sulphur
Colias hecla -Hecla Sulphur
Colias tyche -Booth's Sulphur
Colias canadensis -Canada Sulphur
Colias nastes -Labrador Sulphur
Colias gigantea -Giant Sulphur
Colias pelidne -Pelidne Sulphur
Colias interior -Pink-edged Sulphur
Colias chippewa -Heath Sulphur
Zerene cesonia -Southern Dogface
Phoebis sennae -Cloudless Sulphur
Phoebis philea -Orange-barred Sulphur
Eurema mexicanum -Mexican Yellow
Eurema lisa -Little Yellow
Eurema nicippe -Sleepy Orange
Nathalis iole -Dainty Sulphur

Family Lycaenidae -Harvesters, Coppers, Hairstreaks, and Blues
butterfly imageSubfamily Miletinae -Harvesters

Feniseca tarquinius -Harvester

butterfly imageSubfamily Lycaeninae -Coppers

Lycaena phlaeas -American Copper
Lycaena cuprea -Lustrous Copper
Lycaena dione -Grey Copper
Lycaena hyllus -Bronze Copper
Lycaena rubida -Ruddy Copper
Lycaena heteronea -Blue Copper
Lycaena epixanthe -Bog Copper
Lycaena dorcas -Dorcas Copper
Lycaena dospassosi -Maritime Copper
Lycaena helloides -Purplish Copper
Lycaena nivalis -Lilac-bordered Copper
Lycaena mariposa -Mariposa Copper

butterfly imageSubfamily Theclinae -Hairstreaks

Satyrium behrii -Behr's Hairstreak
Satyrium fuliginosum -Sooty Hairstreak
Satyrium acadicum -Acadian Hairstreak
Satyrium californicum -California Hairstreak
Satyrium sylvinum -Sylvan Hairstreak
Satyrium titus -Coral Hairstreak
Satyrium edwardsii -Edwards' Hairstreak
Satyrium calanus -Banded Hairstreak
Satyrium caryaevorum -Hickory Hairstreak
Satyrium liparops -Striped Hairstreak
Satyrium saepium -Hedgerow Hairstreak
Fixsenia favonius -Southern Hairstreak
Calycopis cecrops -Red-banded Hairstreak
Callophrys affinis -Western Green Hairstreak
Callophrys sheridanii -Sheridan's Hairstreak
Callophrys spinetorum -Thicket Hairstreak
Callophrys johnsoni -Johnson's Hairstreak
Callophrys rosneri -Rosner's Hairstreak
Callophrys barryi -Barry's Hairstreak
Callophrys grynea -Juniper Hairstreak
Callophrys augustinus -Brown Elfin
Callophrys mossii -Moss's Elfin
Callophrys polia -Hoary Elfin
Callophrys irus -Frosted Elfin
Callophrys henrici -Henry's Elfin
Callophrys lanoraieensis -Bog Elfin
Callophrys niphon -Eastern Pine Elfin
Callophrys eryphon -Western Pine Elfin
Parrhasius m-album -White-M Hairstreak
Strymon melinus -Grey Hairstreak
Erora laeta -Early Hairstreak

butterfly imageSubfamily Polyommatinae -Blues

Leptotes marina -Marine Blue
Hemiargus isola -Reakirt's Blue
Everes comyntas -Eastern Tailed Blue
Everes amyntula -Western Tailed Blue
Celastrina ladon -Spring Azure
Celastrina neglecta -Summer Azure
Celastrina sp. -Cherry Gall Azure
Euphilotes battoides -Square-spotted Blue
Euphilotes ancilla -Rocky Mountain Dotted Blue
Glaucopsyche piasus -Arrowhead Blue
Glaucopsyche lygdamus -Silvery Blue
Lycaeides idas -Northern Blue
Lycaeides melissa -Melissa Blue
Plebejus saepiolus -Greenish Blue
Icaricia icarioides -Boisduval's Blue
Icaricia shasta -Shasta Blue
Icaricia lupini -Lupine Blue
Vacciniina optilete -Cranberry Blue
Agriades glandon -Arctic Blue

Family Riodinidae -Metalmarks
butterfly image Apodemia mormo -Mormon Metalmark
Family Nymphalidae -Brush-footed Butterflies
butterfly imageSubfamily Libytheinae -Snouts

Libytheana carinenta -American Snout

butterfly imageSubfamily Heliconiinae -Heliconians

Agraulis vanillae -Gulf Fritillary

butterfly imageSubfamily Argynninae -Fritillaries

Euptoieta claudia -Variegated Fritillary
Euptoieta hegesia -Mexican Fritillary
Speyeria cybele -Great Spangled Fritillary
Speyeria aphrodite -Aphrodite Fritillary
Speyeria idalia -Regal Fritillary
Speyeria edwardsii -Edwards' Fritillary
Speyeria coronis -Coronis Fritillary
Speyeria zerene -Zerene Fritillary
Speyeria callippe -Callippe Fritillary
Speyeria atlantis -Atlantis Fritillary
Speyeria hesperis -Northwestern Fritillary
Speyeria hydaspe -Hydaspe Fritillary
Speyeria mormonia -Mormon Fritillary
Boloria napaea -Mountain Fritillary
Boloria eunomia -Bog Fritillary
Boloria selene -Silver-bordered Fritillary
Boloria bellona -Meadow Fritillary
Boloria frigga -Frigga Fritillary
Boloria improba -Dingy Fritillary
Boloria epithore -Pacific Fritillary
Boloria polaris -Polaris Fritillary
Boloria freija -Freija Fritillary
Boloria natazhati -Beringian Fritillary
Boloria alberta -Alberta Fritillary
Boloria astarte -Astarte Fritillary
Boloria chariclea -Arctic Fritillary

butterfly imageSubfamily Melitaeinae -Checkerspots and Crescents

Chlosyne gorgone -Gorgone Checkerspot
Chlosyne nycteis -Silvery Checkerspot
Chlosyne harrisii -Harris's Checkerspot
Chlosyne palla -Northern Checkerspot
Chlosyne acastus -Sagebrush Checkerspot
Chlosyne damoetas -Damoetas Checkerspot
Chlosyne hoffmanni -Hoffmann's Checkerspot
Phyciodes tharos -Pearl Crescent
Phyciodes cocyta -Northern Crescent
Phyciodes batesii -Tawny Crescent
Phyciodes pratensis -Field Crescent
Phyciodes pallidus -Pale Crescent
Phyciodes mylitta -Mylitta Crescent
Euphydryas gillettii -Gillette's Checkerspot
Euphydryas chalcedona -Variable Checkerspot
Euphydryas editha -Edith's Checkerspot
Euphydryas phaeton -Baltimore Checkerspot

butterfly imageSubfamily Nymphalinae -Anglewings, Tortoiseshells, Thistle Butterflies, and Peacocks

Genus Polygonia - Anglewings
Polygonia interrogationis -Question Mark
Polygonia comma -Eastern Comma
Polygonia satyrus -Satyr Comma
Polygonia faunus -Green Comma
Polygonia gracilis -Hoary Comma
Polygonia oreas -Oreas Comma
Polygonia progne -Grey Comma

Nymphalis vaualbum -Compton Tortoiseshell
Nymphalis californica -California Tortoiseshell
Nymphalis antiopa -Mourning Cloak
Nymphalis milberti -Milbert's Tortoiseshell
Vanessa virginiensis -American Lady
Vanessa cardui -Painted Lady
Vanessa annabella -West Coast Lady
Vanessa atalanta -Red Admiral
Junonia coenia -Common Buckeye

butterfly imageSubfamily Limenitidinae -Admirals

Limenitis arthemis -White Admiral, Red-spotted Purple
Limenitis archippus -Viceroy
Limenitis weidemeyerii -Weidemeyer's Admiral
Limenitis lorquini -Lorquin's Admiral

butterfly imageSubfamily Apaturinae -Emperors

Asterocampa celtis -Hackberry Emperor
Asterocampa clyton -Tawny Emperor

butterfly imageSubfamily Satyrinae -Satyrs and Wood-Nymphs

Enodia anthedon -Northern Pearly-Eye
Satyrodes eurydice -Eyed Brown
Satyrodes appalachia -Appalachian Brown
Megisto cymela -Little Wood-Satyr
Coenonympha tullia -Common Ringlet
Coenonympha nipisiquit -Maritime Ringlet
Cercyonis pegala -Common Wood-Nymph
Cercyonis sthenele -Great Basin Wood-Nymph
Cercyonis oetus -Small Wood-Nymph

Genus Erebia - Alpines
Erebia vidleri -Vidler's Alpine
Erebia rossii -Ross's Alpine
Erebia disa -Disa Alpine
Erebia mancinus -Taiga Alpine
Erebia magdalena -Magdalena Alpine
Erebia mackinleyensis -Mt. McKinley Alpine
Erebia fasciata -Banded Alpine
Erebia discoidalis -Red-disked Alpine
Erebia pawlowskii -Yellow-dotted Alpine
Erebia youngi -Four-dotted Alpine
Erebia anyuica -Scree Alpine
Erebia lafontainei -Reddish Alpine
Erebia epipsodea -Common Alpine

Neominois ridingsii -Ridings' Satyr

Genus Oeneis - Arctics
Oeneis nevadensis -Great Arctic
Oeneis macounii -Macoun's Arctic
Oeneis chryxus -Chryxus Arctic
Oeneis uhleri -Uhler's Arctic
Oeneis alberta -Alberta Arctic
Oeneis bore -White-Veined Arctic
Oeneis jutta -Jutta Arctic
Oeneis melissa -Melissa Arctic
Oeneis polixenes -Polixenes Arctic
Oeneis rosovi -Philip's Arctic
Oeneis alpina -Sentinel Arctic

butterfly imageSubfamily Danainae -Milkweed Butterflies

Danaus plexippus -Monarch

Reproduced with permission from The Butterflies of Canada by Ross A. Layberry, Peter W. Hall, and J. Donald Lafontaine. University of Toronto Press; 1998. Specimen photos courtesy of John T. Fowler.

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