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Publications and items for sale


The Butterflies of Toronto

This isn't our publication, but is part of the City of Toronto Biodiversity Booklet Series. A number of TEA members were part of the writing team. This 68-page full-colour booklet was released in 2011,and was revised and reprinted in 2015. Stocks may l be available for free distribution in some City of Toronto libraries -- North York Central would be the one possibility. The booklet contains 6 pages on good locations to observe butterflies in Toronto. Another publication in the series covers Spiders of Toronto.

Our Major Publications

Ontario Insects– TEA Newsjournal

Ontario Lepidoptera--Annual Seasonal Summaries

The Pipevine Swallowtail: Life Cycle and Ecology (2012)

The Butterflies of Waterloo Region (2012)

The Bumble Bees of Algonquin Provincial Park: A Field Guide (2010)

The Ontario Butterfly Atlas (1991) A new edition of the atlas is in preparation for possible 2014 publication-- see the Ontario Butterfly Atlas Online.

Checklist of the Butterflies of the Toronto Region, 3rd edition, 2007

Checklist of Ontario Odonata, 2010

Ontario Odonata--Annual Seasonal Summaries

Other Publications

The TEA has at various times issued special purpose-publications. All of these are available for free download below:

For sale: reproductions of out-of-print books

These are NOT photocopies but are high quality scans by University of Toronto Press - the interior pages are on acid-free paper. The cover is a deluxe-quality hardcover but is not the same as the original. Prices are subject to change.

The Odonata of Canada & Alaska (3 volumes): a classic!
By E.M. Walker
In Canada, $185 Canadian; international, inquire for rates

The Cicindelidae of Canada (tiger beetles): a classic!
By J.B. Wallis (1961) with colour plates
In Canada, $28 Canadian; international, inquire for rates

The North American Dragonflies of the Genus Aeshna (temporarily unavailable: please inquire)
By E.M. Walker (1921) with colour plates
In Canada, $115 Canadian; international, inquire for rates

The North American Dragonflies of the Genus Somatochlora (temporarily unavailable: please inquire)
By E.M.Walker (1925)
In Canada, $55 Canadian; international, inquire for rates

Many of the publications listed above are free and can be dowloaded from the website in pdf form. For those which are for sale, contact Chris Rickard or info@ontarioinsects.org Orders must be prepaid. All prices include applicable taxes and shipping. Personal cheques accepted for US or Canadian orders; money or postal orders only for others. Please make cheques or money orders out to Toronto Entomologists' Association. Sorry we can’t take credit card orders.



All prices above are for non-members. Contact us for special member prices.