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Insect counts and bioblizes 2018

Counts are a great opportunity to improve your identification skills. If you don't feel your level of expertise is high enough, you can always check with the count organizer. Often you can go along with a more experienced person. I hope you'll join at least one in your neighbourhood.

On some of the counts refreshments or camping facilities may be provided. Don't hesitate to contact the organizers if you have any questions. They would appreciate you letting them know as soon as possible if you will be participating, so they can plan more efficiently.

Dates are subject to change! Please check with the count organizer in advance. Also, at some counts people meet first thing in the morning, and then disperse; at others, people meet at noon; at still others, people meet at dinner.

Everyone is welcome, whatever your skill level. Note that many of these counts are done for the North American Butterfly Association and that there may be a nominal charge for participating. Please be prepared for the count activity with sunscreen, water, hat, food, and other items suggested by the count organizer. This list has been compiled by Carolyn King and Alan Macnaughton.



2018 BUTTERFLY COUNTS (last updated March 19)

Format of this list is: Date (Rain date, if any), Location, Contact, Telephone, Email

  • DATE TBA, Royal Botanical Garden (Burlington) Butterfly Count. Meet at RBG main centre, 680 Plains Rd W, Burlington. Lindsay Barr (905) 527-1158 x257 (or 1-800-694-4769, same ext.), lbarr@rbg.ca
  • Sat. June 23, Rice Lake Butterfly Count (south of Peterborough), Val Deziel, (705) 868-5374 (daytime), val.deziel@natureconservancy.ca
  • Sat. June 23 (24), Pinery Provincial Park & N.Lambton (meet at Visitor Centre at 8:30). Brenda Kulon, (519) 869-2833, kulon@cogeco.ca Please register ahead if possible. Register at the above number so as to gain entry to the provincial park.
  • Sat. June 23 (24). Muskoka Bala, Al Sinclair, (705) 645-2848, sinclair@muskoka.com (meet at 9:30 a.m. at Ragged Rapids Hydro Generating Station parking lot: latitude 45.018764, longitude -79.689492)
  • Sun. June 24, Oshawa, James Kamstra, (905) 985-4497, james.kamstra@aecom.com
  • Mon. June 25, Sandbanks Prov. Park, Yvette Bree, (613) 393-2565, yvette.bree@ontario.ca
  • Fri. June 29 (July 1): (tentative), Lake Dore (near Eganville), Jean Brereton, (613) 625-2263, jbrereton@hughes.netSun. July 1, TEA Toronto East, Carolyn King, 905-720-2784, cking8000@gmail.com
  • Sun. July 1, Hamilton (9 am meet at the church at SW corner of Concession 8 and Kirkwall Road), Bill Lamond, (519) 756-9546, bill-lamond@hotmail.com
  • Sun. July 1(8), Skunk's Misery (southwest of London, meet at 8:30 at Newbury Hospital parking lot), George Prieksaitis, (647) 401-2038 (cell),(905) 469-9946 (home), george.w.prieksaitis@ca.ey.com
  • Wed. July 4 (to be confirmed; contact ahead), Presqu'ile Prov., Park, David Bree, (613) 475-4324 x225, david.bree@ontario.ca
  • Wed. July 4, Algonquin Park, Hwy 60 (east side: lat-long 45.5667° & -78.4°), Rick Stronks, (613) 637-2828, rick.stronks@ontario.ca
  • Sat. July 7, Haliburton Highlands, Ed Poropat, (705) 457-3018, ed.barb@sympatico.ca
  • Sat. July 7, Awenda Provincial Park (near Penetanguishene), Tim Tully, (705) 549-2231 X 225, awenda@csolve.net
  • Sat. July 7, Long Point, Adam Timpf, cell (519) 429-4147, adam.timpf@gmail.com
  • Sat. July 7, Windsor, Tom Preney, (519) 966-5852, tpreney@citywindsor.ca
  • Sat. July 7, Otter Valley (Port Burwell, on Lake Erie), Joe Stephenson, (519) 874-4028, joestephenson11@mac.com
  • Sat. July 7 (8), Manion Corners (near Ottawa), Ken Allison, (613) 256-4283, k.r.allison@bell.net
  • Sat. July 7, MacGregor Point Prov. Park (near Port Elgin). Kathleen Chayer, 519-389-6232. fompp@bmts.com
  • Sun. July 8, Rondeau Prov. Park, Laura Penner, (519) 674-1772, Laura.Penner@ontario.ca
  • Sun. July 8, Sunderland (north of Oshawa), James Kamstra, (905) 985-4497, james.kamstra@aecom.comSat. July 14, Toronto Centre, John Carley, (416) 766-1330, carley.la@sympatico.ca
  • Fri. July 20 (22): (tentative), Hog Island (near Pembroke), Jean Brereton, (613) 625-2263, jbrereton@hughes.net
  • Sat. July 21 (22), Petroglyphs Prov. Park (near Peterborough), Jerry Ball, 574 Douglas Ave. Peterborough, ON K9J 4L1, (705) 745-3272
  • Sun. July 22, Fenelon Falls (north of Lindsay), Dan Bone, 705 887-4691, dan.bone13@gmail.com
  • Wed. July 25 & Thurs. July 26, Science North (near Sudbury), Jacquie Bertrand, (705) 522-3701 ext. 280, bertrand@sciencenorth.ca
  • Thurs. July 26, Carden Alvar (east of Orillia) Butterfly Count, Brittany Hope, (705) 209-0705, brittany.hope@natureconservancy.ca (please register in advance, either by contacting Brittany or online at www.conservationvolunteers.ca). Or contact Bob Bowles, (705) 325-3149, rbowles@rogers.com
  • Sun. July 29 (Aug. 5). Clear Creek (NE of Rondeau Provincial Park). (meet 8:30 am at 11110 Furnival Road in Rodney, Ont), George Prieksaitis (647) 401-2038 (cell) (905) 469-9946 (home), george.w.prieksaitis@ca.ey.com
  • Wed. Aug. 1, Pelee Island Butterfly Count, Bob Bowles, (705) 325-3149, rbowles@rogers.com
  • Sat. July 22, Kitchener (Huron Natural Area), 1 pm-4 pm, Josh Shea, (519) 741-3400 ext. 4177, joshua.shea@kitchener.ca, but register with knap@kitchener.ca
  • NABA 2017 listing: Killarney Provincial Park, ON Alyssa Deurwaarder 960 Hwy. 637 Killarney Provincial Park Killarney, ON P0M 2A0 alyssa.deurwaarder@ontario.ca
  • Sat. July 15 (16), Cambridge (rare Charitable Research Reserve, starting 10 a.m. at rare ECO Centre, 768 Blair Road, to be led by Jenna Quinn jenna.quinn@raresites.org. Register online or call the office at 519-650-9336 ext. 111.


2018 DRAGONFLY COUNTS (last updated March 18)

Format of this list is: Date(Rain date, if any), Location, Contact, Telephone, Email

  • June - August (multiple dates), Murphys Point Provincial Park (north of Kingston, near Perth), Bev Edwards, (613) 284-1637, bave@sympatico.ca.
  • Sat. June 30, Haliburton Highlands, Ed Poropat, (705) 457-3018, ed.barb@sympatico.ca
  • Wed. July 6, Minesing Wetlands (west of Barrie) Dragonfly Count, Brittany Hope, (705) 209-0705, brittany.hope@natureconservancy.ca (please register in advance, either by contacting Brittany or online at www.conservationvolunteers.ca). Or contact Bob Bowles, (705) 325-3149, rbowles@rogers.com
  • Sat. July 7(8), Hamilton Odonate Count, 9 am meet at the church at SW corner of Concession 8 and Kirkwall Road, Brenda Van Ryswyk, (905) 336-1158 ext. 2282 (normal office hours), brendavanryswyk@gmail.com
  • Sat. July 28 (29), Lake Dore (near Pembroke) Odonate, Christian Renault, 613-717-3142, Meet at the Melissa Bishop Park. (45°38'13.12"N, 77° 04'53.44"W), crenault@gmail.com
  • Fri. July 27, Carden Alvar (east of Orillia) Dragonfly Count, Brittany Hope, (705) 209-0705, brittany.hope@natureconservancy.ca (please register in advance, either by contacting Brittany or www.conservationvolunteers.ca. Or contact Bob Bowles, (705) 325-3149, rbowles@rogers.com
  • Thurs. Aug. 2, Pelee Island Dragonfly Count, Bob Bowles, (705) 325-3149, rbowles@rogers.com
  • Algonquin Odonate, For 2018 it wil be organized by Ryan Rea (ryan.rea@ontario.ca)


2018 Bioblitzes (last updated March 1)


  • June 9-10/2018: Insect Bioblitz at Killbear Provincial Park on eastern Georgian Bay, two hours drive north of Toronto and 30 minutes north of the town of Parry Sound. The park is looking for experts/skill naturalists and is offering free tent-only camping to participants on Friday and Saturday nights. If you are interested in helping to blitz the insects of Killbear, please contact Martha Martens, martha.martens@ontario.ca. / daytime: 705-342-5492 ext. 2304.  This natural environment park is part of the Georgian Bay Biosphere Reserve. It includes a variety of habitats including upland maple-beech communities, spruce and cedar lowlands, exposed bedrock, and sand beaches. For more information about the park go to: http://www.ontarioparks.com/park/killbear.
  • Noon July 21 to Noon July 22, 2018, Point Pelee National Park is holding the Pelee BioBlitz to celebrate and commemorate Pelee's 100th birthday The BioBlitz event will include things like expert guided surveys, amateur hikes, speakers, workshops, volunteer opportunities, kids activities etc. TEA people are welcome to come as an expert and be included in our schedule, or come instead as a regular participant or solo expert. Contact Heidi Brown (Heidi.brown@pc.gc.ca / daytime 519-322-5700 ext. 3333) as soon as possible to be included in the planning.
  • May 11-13 and September 21-23. ROM-sponsored bioblitzes in Durham Region.

The Friends of Murphys Point Provincial Park (MPPP) has received funding to hold a bioblitz on June 10-11, 2017. The Park is looking for taxon experts/skilled naturalists and is offering free camping to participants, along with food and water. Detailed plans will be developed over the next few weeks. If you are interested in volunteering to help as a taxon expert, lead an event or volunteer in some other way, please contact Tobi Kiesewalter, Sr Natural Heritage Education Leader, tobi.kiesewalter@ontario.ca.

For those of you unfamiliar with the Park, Murphys Point Provincial Park is located on Big Rideau Lake, approximately 20 minutes south of Perth. This "Natural Environment" park lies on the Frontenac Axis, an extension of the Canadian Shield. It is 1244 hectares in size and includes a wide variety of habitats, including woodlands, meadows, several types of wetlands (including bogs), abandoned pits/mines and agricultural lands, small lakes and streams. The terrain is generally quite rugged with some sections accessible only by bushwacking or canoe. The developed part includes 200 campsites including a few electrical sites, three beaches, several hiking trails including the Rideau Trail, a Park Store and an Interpretative Centre.