BC Butterfly Atlas -- with underlying data

1,260 records of 122 species (vs. 187 possible)

Dec. 19, 2012


REDUCED-SIZE SAMPLE MAP (above): 10 km Squares for Lorquin's Admiral, Limenitis lorquini

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- To zoom in or out on the large map, use the slider bar (top left of screen) or your mouse wheel. To see areas outside the screen (pan the map), click the directional arrows on the white circle (top left of screen) or click and drag with your mouse.
- On the large map, click on a square to display a link to the underlying data for that square (1,260 records). For the "any species" choice, clicking on a square will also display a species list for this square.


- The data is from eButterfly (data entered up to Sept. 21, 2012) and the private records of Ross Layberry. Please contribute your records to this atlas project.
- The maps and computer coding are from the Toronto Entomologists' Association's Ontario Butterfly Atlas Online (contact: Alan Macnaughton).