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REDUCED-SIZE SAMPLE MAP (above): 10 km Squares for the Question Mark, Polygonia interrogationis

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latest new county records, grouped by species (as in TEA 2013 S.S.) link link
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table, for each county, showing when each species was first recorded link
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Notes re the Large Map

- To zoom in or out on the large map, use the slider bar (top left of screen) or your mouse wheel. To see areas outside the screen (pan the map), click the directional arrows on the white circle (top left of screen) or click and drag with your mouse.
- If the map type is 10 km squares and the map for any particular species is being displayed, click on a square to display a link to the underlying data for that square. If instead the species is "all species", clicking on a square will display a species list for this square.
- The data includes is about half from eButterfly records and half from records submitted directly to the TEA. Data from all TEA seasonal summaries back to 1969 is included. Museum data back to 1867 is also included. However, only about 5% of Royal Ontario Museum records are included; this fraction will rise as databasing of ROM reocrds by volunteers continues.
- We thank Bird Studies Canada for providing the shape files defining the 10,747 10 km squares shown on these maps. The shape files for counties and parks are from Ontario's Land Information Office and contain information licenced under the Open Government Licence - Ontario.
- Want more information about the maps? Click here for help in using the map and more details in how the maps were constructed.
- Other Canadian butterfly atlases: Maritimes Butterfly Atlas (see their maps here)
- test atlas

Improve the Maps

- There will be inevitably be some errors or questionable observations. We would like to know about this, or about any comments or questions you may have. Click here to email the developers.


- In publications or other research use of this data, use the following citation: Alan Macnaughton, Ross Layberry, Colin Jones and Bev Edwards. Ontario Butterfly Atlas Online (Supply date accessed here).